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Swap $ADA and other tokens to vouchers from thousands of stores. Simply choose the brand, amount and instantly get a payment code accepted in your selected store.

The Moneymakers

The Moneymakers, the official NFT series from mycashbacks, does exactly what its name implies: it makes you money by offering extra cash back on every purchase made through mycashbacks.com and eliminates all swap fees on mycashbacks.io


Cash back accumulated from mycashbacks.io & mycashbacks.com can be claimed as $TBNS through your profile. 1 token equals 1 cent. This token will be accepted in several other bonus and loyalty programs.
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At mycashbacks.com, we've long been pioneers in delivering exceptional bonus and loyalty programs for prominent clients in traditional markets. Now, we're bridging the gap to WEB3, crafting innovative loyalty solutions for the decentralized digital era.

Flight miles & hotel points

While our swaps will enhance your everyday shopping experience, we are also adding flight miles and hotel points, further broadening the scope of your loyalty benefits.


Marc Majewski
Nadine Hermann
Sascha Hoffmann
Christoph Terwiel
Waldemar Müller
Henrik Dymke
Elisabeth Betz
Jennifer Thies
André Eilertsen
Fabian Hübner
Elvis Jung
Mike Broders
Beatriz Paganotti



Our journey started back in 2008 when Marc Majewski founded Advanced Store GmbH.
70+ employees and 15 years of experience later, we’re ready to make Cardano the go-to blockchain for shopping. 
Get ready for Cash Backs, discounts and unique offers from thousands of brands - all available in Cardano’s native asset, $ADA.
With more than 60.000 partnered stores, we’re one of the largest affiliate networks and meta network world wide.
mycashbacks.com has been live in Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain since 2016, but will shortly go live globally, including the USA. mycashbacks.io goes live in Q2, 2024.